Temple BodyLove $500

May 22 - June 27 (please note 5 week commitment)

Kick start your BodyLove Challenge with a 7 day cleanse in partnership with Empowered Cuisine. This 7 day program eliminates the 7 main allergens and resets your body. You will have 3 healthy well-balanced meals and 2 snacks per day. This is not a diet. You will eat real foods that are healthy, well balanced and varied to help you stay the course and attain your goals.

Once your body is retoxed, Julie Armstrong, NPTI graduate will create with you your 30 day individualized meal plan. You will be taught the proper way to food prep and how to schedule your meal planning for the week.  Clean recipes will be provided and your meal plan can be adjusted throughout the month as needed with Julie’s guidance.

*You also have unlimited studio classes and support from your instructors and coaches along the way.

*We will kick off the challenge with a private 90 minute class. Meet the other participants and coaches.

*Access to our private Facebook group which will offer daily support and wellness and nutrition tips.  Everyone is encouraged to post healthy meals and workouts for points.

*We will take measurements at the beginning and end of the challenge. We will also measure strength, flexibility and cardio.

*We will have a midpoint check in with a boot camp class and health and nutrition talk.

*Through our boards we will monitor your progress throughout the challenge.

*We will end the challenge with a 90 minute closing class where we reveal the results and winners.

Ultimate BodyLove $350

May 30 - June 27

All aspects of Temple BodyLove without the pre-cleanse.

BodyLove Rebound $200

May 30 - June 27

All aspects of Ultimate BodyLove without the nutritional plan.

Mini BodyLove

May 30 - June 27

Depending on your membership. Email us to sign up.

All aspects of BodyLove Rebound without professional measurements.

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