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Just like our programs, we have an option that will work with your lifestyle. If you are looking for a second home or just a place to tiptoe around we are here for you. 

Monthly memberships are available and we would love to discuss an option that will work best for you! Can't get into the studio because you live to far away? Try our "At Home" membership and access all our classes at your finger tips. Same great classes with the same expert instructors walking you through to successful movement and transformation!



This 1:1 private class is designed to not only assist you in reaching your personal fitness and wellness goal, but surpass them. Together, we will create a program just for you and hold you accountable to your progress - in and out of the studio.


Semi Private

Get the feel of a private  lesson in this customized small group class.You will be paired with a workout buddy that has similar goals and needs all while rooting the other on. This is a great option for those who want individual attention on a budget. 


Group Class

Our group classes offer the same care and concern as our private and semi private classes - just on a larger scale. We continue to offer modifications and advancements in these classes but the flow continues throughout the hour. Class size is up to 16


Baby & Me

Our Baby & Me program is an amazing journey down the path of discovering who we are as new moms and how to strive to find time to stay focused, healthy and mindful. 

Yoga Teacher with Student

Pre Natal

We get you! Your pregnant and your world has changed. At PMB all our classes are prenatal friendly, however a little personal attention at this time certainly didn't hurt anyone! Offered in private and semi private sessions. 

Yoga Class

We would love to discuss our membership options with you. Let's chat and see what is best for you!

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