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Barre Mind Body

Barre Mind Body is proud to be on the cutting edge of fitness, offering one-of-a-kind programs that embrace an integrated mind and body approach to overall wellness. 

Our comprehensive barre, classical power Pilates mat, yoga, stretch, cardio and meditation programs focus on workouts that not only strengthen, tone, sculpt and lengthen the body while cinching inches off the body, but also increase bone mass density, balance, coordination and flexibility.

We specialize in exercises and education with a brain health protocol, as well as breathing exercises that are coupled with core work.  This methodology has been scientifically proven to support the organs, provide greater blood flow through the body,  aide in digestion,

reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body. In addition, provide greater longevity of the mind and assist in offsetting dementia and Alzheimer's.

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Brought to you by our first class, highly trained and energizing instructors in our gorgeous boutique studio.


Each instructor maintains current certifications while continuing to evolve with the biomechanics of the body. We stress the importance of understanding your body, educate you how to move and the benefits of these movements. Not only will you feel comfortable in your daily life, but you will feel better and look even more amazing. It's a win-win! 

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Why our methodology? 

Take a look at our class offerings to learn about our class styles and what to expect at the Barre.

Never taken a barre class? Piece of cake! We are just the place to start. All our instructors are highly trained to offer modifications in every exercise to ensure proper alignment and maximum results. We are all about safety and working out smarter and deeper, and not heavier and harder.

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Follow along with @barremindbody

Barre Mind Body

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