Prenatal Yoga

Private & Semi-Private Classes

Private and Semi-Private Training

Vinyasa Yoga

Barre Mind Body truly believes we are all individuals that come from different places.  It is our goal and passion to meet you where you are right now - whatever that might mean for you! We know that form, alignment and mindful movement is the best kind.  We will assist you in recognizing safe and proper movement to move more freely through your life. 

Regardless of your goals we CAN and WILL design a program just for you that encompasses your Mind, Body and Soul!  If your goal is to lose weight,, ave a greater sense of coordination and balance, increase your endurance, have a better golf swing, better tennis serve or just to tone and sculpt and feel better all around. 

Prenatal Yoga

Sports Conditioning

What's Your Sport?

Barre Mind Body offers private and semi private sports conditioning classes that are geared to the individual(s). 

Depending on your sport there are particular areas of the body or movements that will make your faster, more agile, stronger or even more graceful.  

In these classes we work on the fundamentals of the sport while learning how to effectively become more accurate, precise and to move with intention. 

Our specialty is with figure skaters, Irish step dancers, golfers, rising soccer stars and tennis players. 

Aerobics Class
Patient on Scale

Weight Loss

Once Client...Now Inspirational Instructor

Our results speak for themselves!

Meet Sarah. Sarah's story is a walking testimonial through the studio every day. Sarah came in after having her first child, Jack. She was new to the area and looking to find her own "thing" while getting back into shape. 

Sarah found her home at Barre Mind Body and fell in love with Barre.  She slowly started attending more and more classes.  Although Barre itself, does not create the amazing results alone, coupled with our mindfulness and education around nutrition, low impact cardio and determination Sarah reached the results she had been searching for - within her Mind, Body and Soul.  Not only does she still attend the studio, but Sarah is now a certified Barre Instructor at Barre Mind Body and continues to inspire us all on a daily basis. 

BMB offers clients a full 100% analysis of your lifestyle - whats working and what isnt?!  And, how we, together, mindfully change to meet your fitness and wellness goals?  We track your progress, offer text support, and encourage you every step of the way.  

Its a duel effort and together we are both successful - while actually looking forward to your classes!

Aerobics Class
Prenatal Mediation
Bridge Pose

Post & Prenatal

There is no better time to start thinking of YOU!

Are you newly pregnant? Very pregnant - or at least feel that way?!  We understand!  Barre Mind Body is a woman owned and operated fitness studio that specializes in the safest workouts through pregnancy and postpartum.  

Pregnancy is a very special and can often be scary time of a woman's life. You are changing and evolving  Its an amazing experience. We will work you through your pregnancy every step of the way. Your body changes with  your pregnancy - so should your fitness routine!  Studies show that Barre is the safest, most effective workout during pregnancy and postpartum.  Not only will you keep your energy level up, you will be supported through your workout mentally and physically with our Founder who has experience first hand in IVF, natural birth and c-sections.  Thats right -three children ;-) 

There is no better time than to start to think of yourself. Your baby will thank you!

Barre Mind Body

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